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Explosives :

1915 stick - German hand grenade. Similar to British Mills, survived in the same shape to the times of World War II. Considered foreign experience from the Russian - Japanese conflict in 1904-1905, Germans from the beginning of World War I furnished themselves with 70.000 hand grenades.

Terms of use: wooden part is being separated from the head part, detonator is placed in hollow end, wooden part and head shield is again put back together.

Geballte Ladung - made with several connected with each other hand grenades, solid tool of destruction. Used mainly to blow up enemy objects, making through enemy fortifications. Carried out in cases, becomes deadly dangerous only when detonators are attached.

Dynamite - discovered by Alfred Nobel. Used mainly for crushing some geological shapes and for taking down buildings and urban constructions. The another application was fast discovered though - killing people. Made of several dynamite shells (each is nitroglycerin, flammable material and other easy-burning chemical substations), match and stripes of metal, keeping shells together.
Terms of use: make sure match is long enough, burn it and... find some safe place for yourself away.

Gas lamp: to light-up dark places, trenches and any other areas, where source of light was a gold-worthy matter. Terms of use: thrown at enemy, shot at range, turns for a moment into strange but also unexpected weapon.

Gewehr 98 (g98, Gew98) - long German gun with optional attached bayonet, mounted below the line of fire. Gun was multiple times copied by another countries, mostly because of it's quality and high effectiveness. 5 round clip in internal magazine, effectiveness 500m, 800m with optics.

Luger (P08 Parabellum) - German construct made on the wave of disappointment of weight and capacities of another model. Quite small and proven in battle, made of that pistol basic equipment of German army. Manufactured until 1942, became one of the most spoke-about German constructions of all times. 8 round detachable box magazine, 32 round detachable drum. 19mm cartridge.

M97T (Winchester 1897) - American construction, not without right called by soldiers "trench sweeper". Extremely effective on a medium range. Driven by 6-shots firepower. On a small extend was used during the World War II by American Army and Marine Corps. Caliber 12, 5 tubular magazine, with optional 1 extra magazine.

Colt M1911 - very good on medium distances. Even after some small modifications - same as new for all years and called the best pistol ever made. 7 shots, have even 3 kinds of safety mechanism. Experience of World War I forced some small and last changes. Cartridge .45, effective range 62m

Bayonet 1898/05 - during World War I, widely used by German Army. Mounted on a gun, can be also a short sword or a throw-like knife.

Shovel - tool of multiple applications. Used to dig a trench, give a last regard to a brother in arm and... as unusual tool for closed combat.

MG0815 - heavy German construction, used for shooting at enemy lines. Placed on a short-time barricades, was a hard to break barrier, even for a experienced soldier. Caliber 57mm, effective range 1000-2400m, 500 bullets per minute.

MP18i - another German reply for a requirements of weapon, that must suit Army needs. Machine gun having effective clip, gun so quick that enemies was crushed one by one and so balanced, that whipping was hard to witness. It was an old construction, but German army uses it until the end of World War II. Caliber 9mm, effective range 200m, 550 bullets per minute.

SMLE - long gun that reminds soldier how many arms he has and why the number is 3. Excellent on a medium distance. Effective range 503m, 10 round magazine, 5 round charger clips.

ShadowHand 2: you may like to cut someone into pieces, this one is giving you the opportunity. Slash through using blades comes with this gun.

ShadowHand 3: pick a target and release stakes from this mode. Little bullets will come out and cut the air in the perfect dance with death.

ShadowHand 4: discover yourself what might came out, when deal with underground creatures fuels you down the road.

VampGuns Alternative 3: Vampiric gun, base vampiric weapon.
Shots with a special bullets, allows player to mount significant upgrades when find one.

VampGuns Alternative 2: Vampiric shotgun (upgrade) very effective on a short and medium distance. What you witness are bullets made with metal, diggered from the ground by a dark race.

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